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Roberts Brothers Locksmith is outstanding – I highly recommend them!

After having a terrible experience with another Cleveland locksmith customer reviews, I was lucky enough to find Roberts Brother’s locksmith Cleveland on Yelp. I needed to have five of the locks in my apartment changed; so I called Roberts Brothers Cleveland locksmith customer reviews in the early afternoon on Saturday. A young man names Devin answered the phone, he asked me a few questions about my locks. He gave me a quote based on the amount of locks I needed and the type of locks that I wanted. It was a great price so I agreed to have him come and change the locks. He said that he would be happy to come out and help me right away. He said that he would arrive within the next 30 minutes.

I was really surprised given that is was a Saturday. I was expecting to have to wait a few hours at the very least, I had set aside my entire day just for this.

Quick And Efficient Service

Devin arrived within 30 minutes, just as he said he would. I thought he might just bring 5 locks of the same design; which I was ok with. I was pleasantly surprised when he asked me to take a look in his truck. He had brought with him a selection of locks that fit my specifications. He said that all of the locks were the same price; so that I could choose any combination of locks and keep the price that I was quoted over the phone. It was so great to finally be dealing with someone so professional!

Devin changed my five locks in just under an hour. This too took be by surprise as he was talking to me the entire time. He asked about my children (I have a lot of family portraits) and was even playing with my dog from time to time. Davin made the experience less like work and more like a friend who was doing me a favor. He was so happy to be helping me with my locks, I was very impressed as I’m sure he must have had other things that he would have wanted to be doing on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

To top it all off, the quote he had given me over the phone was 100% accurate, with no hidden fees or extra charges.

Great service, very fair prices and super nice people!

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